Fidget Spinner for Your Cats

Fidget Spinner Windmill Cat Toy

17/11/2023 Off By Elin Schlaeger


The Fidget Spinner Windmill Cat Toy stands out as a unique and engaging toy for our feline friends. Designed with both fun and safety in mind, it is crafted from environmentally friendly, soft silicone that’s non-toxic and odorless, ensuring a safe play experience for cats.

Design and Features

  1. Material Quality: Made of soft silicone, this toy is safe, non-polluting, and odorless. Its excellent stretchy properties ensure a gentle massage and grooming experience without causing any harm to the cat’s skin or fur.
  2. Sturdiness: Its unique suction cup design allows it to stand upright or be affixed to any smooth surface like tiles, glass, or bathtubs, providing versatile play options. The suction is strong enough to stay put for up to 24 hours, especially with a bit of water added for enhanced grip.
  3. Interactive Elements: The toy includes two circular blades that hold mint balls and LED lights, which are great for attracting cats’ attention. The motion-activated LED ball automatically lights up during play, adding an extra element of fun.
  4. Self-Grooming Aid: There’s a central kneading device for hair and face grooming, tailored to cats’ natural habits. It acts as a rubbing object, adding comfort to the play.
  5. Dental Care Feature: By applying toothpaste on top, cats can bite and chew on it, aiding in dental hygiene without damaging their teeth.

Automatic Cat Toy


Setting up the toy is a breeze. Simply stick the suction cup onto a flat surface, and it’s ready for play. The transparent ball area can hold catnip balls, catering to catnip enthusiasts and helping to alleviate stress and anxiety in cats.


  • Safe and durable material
  • Versatile and sturdy suction cup design
  • Interactive and stimulating features like LED lights and mint balls
  • Self-care benefits including grooming and dental hygiene
  • Stress-relief for cats through catnip ball inclusion


  • The toy’s effectiveness may vary with different cats, as some may not be as interested in the spinning or grooming features.
  • The LED light, while enticing, might not be appealing to all cats.

Automatic Cat Toy


The Fidget Spinner Windmill Cat Toy is an innovative and multifunctional toy that not only entertains but also cares for your cat’s grooming and dental health. It’s an excellent choice for cat owners looking to provide their pets with a stimulating and safe play experience. Whether your cat loves chasing lights, needs a bit of self-grooming, or enjoys the calming effect of catnip, this toy seems to have it all. It’s definitely a great pick for giving your toes a break from those playful bites!