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  • $17.99

    The unique magnet designed allows adjusting the bowl position freely to the best feeding posture and suits different cats. The pet bowl offers easy eating and comfortable licking for your pet.

    Adjustable Pet Cat BowlAdjustable Pet Cat Bowl

    Adjustable Pet Cat Bowl

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  • $10.99

    Wheatgrass stimulates blood flow and aids in feline digestion. It is most well-known as a natural hairball remedy for cats and is packed with essential vitamins. Growing cat grass for indoor cats allows furry companions to enjoy health benefits they might otherwise miss.

    Cat's Bowel Cleansing GrassCat's Bowel Cleansing Grass

    Cat’s Bowel Cleansing Grass

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  • Consist of a scratcher board and built-in round bell balls with a pleasant jingle when rolling, which provides hours of fun for your pet cat. Offering your beloved cats to multiple angles and dimensions for scratching, climbing, having a rest.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

    Corrugated Cratching Cats For CatsCorrugated Cratching Cats For Cats

    Corrugated Cratching Cats For Cats

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  • $40.99

    Exquisite workmanship, durable and long service life. Excellent workmanship art is not easily damaged from scratching. Perfect for cats to play, nap, rest, relax.

    Cot For CatCot For Cat

    Cot For Cat

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  • $59.99

    Waterfall design with recirculation system- In nature, pets used to drawn to the flowing freshwater. The recirculating mechanism ensures optimum oxygenation of the water. The constantly flowing water from this cat water fountain arouses the drinking desire of the pets. Water will taste better and remain cooler with the help of this cat fountain water bowl than served in a bowl, encouraging your pets to drink more.

    Current Vontan For CatCurrent Vontan For Cat

    Current Vontan For Cat

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  • $12.99$14.99

    Featuring a base around the rim of the bowl and wire hook brackets, these dishes can securely attach to pet crates, cages, or even chain-link fences. Hanging feeders help to eliminate more food and water spills from bowls tipping and sliding compared to a standard dish on the ground of the pet kennel.

    Stainless Steel Bowl For CatStainless Steel Bowl For Cat

    Stainless Steel Bowl For Cat

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  • $36.99

    The cat scratching post was made with durable natural sisal and sofa fabric. Proven to help keep your cats healthy by replenishing their claws, prevent related problems. Is made of durable non-toxic natural sisal with a pure plant smell that will catch your cat in no time. The plant fibre greatly retains its primal toughness, long-lasting service for the cat to scratch, climb, jump, play.

    Wall Panel For Cat ClawsWall Panel For Cat Claws

    Wall Panel For Cat Claws

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  • $23.99$33.99

    Features an orthopaedic memory foam chip that provides pain-relief comfort and helps relieve muscle and joint pressure, aches, and discomfort. perfect for pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other ailments. a high padded wall offers great head and bone support. your pet will enjoy an awesome night’s sleep in this cosy bed.

    Warm Cat LitterWarm Cat Litter

    Warm Cat Litter

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