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  • Consist of a scratcher board and built-in round bell balls with a pleasant jingle when rolling, which provides hours of fun for your pet cat. Offering your beloved cats to multiple angles and dimensions for scratching, climbing, having a rest.

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    Corrugated Cratching Cats For CatsCorrugated Cratching Cats For Cats

    Corrugated Cratching Cats For Cats

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  • $36.99

    The cat scratching post was made with durable natural sisal and sofa fabric. Proven to help keep your cats healthy by replenishing their claws, prevent related problems. Is made of durable non-toxic natural sisal with a pure plant smell that will catch your cat in no time. The plant fibre greatly retains its primal toughness, long-lasting service for the cat to scratch, climb, jump, play.

    Wall Panel For Cat ClawsWall Panel For Cat Claws

    Wall Panel For Cat Claws

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