Automatic Bowl For Cat


Parallel mode is easily against the wall, corner mode is suitable for the corner, the three-bowls mode has more choices for your cat. Cat food dishes are also detachable, which is easy to clean.


Large capacity water barrel of cat water bowl can hold 63.5 oz of water. No need to worry about running out of water during the commute. The water barrel is designed by the siphon principle that automatically refills water, which stable controls the water level of raised cat bowls. No need to plug in, avoid electric shock. Cat plates for food made of 304 stainless steel that is durable and easy to clean. Bowl and bottle made of food-grade PP. Raised cat dishes for food and water are detachable, which are easy to clean. What’s more, it’s suitable for your home decoration style. The no-slip bottom design is stable. The filter of the cat food bowls elevated keeps water away from dust, dirt, hair, etc.