Automatic Cat Toy


Cat toys are made of environmentally friendly, soft silicone, non-polluting, safe, odourless, antioxidant, with good stretchy properties, ensuring gentle massage and grooming without painful fur removal or scratches on the cat’s skin.

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The cat toy can not only stand upright but also suck and lift on its side for up to 24 hours without falling, so it can be absorbed tightly. You can glue the suckers to any smooth flat surface, such as tile, glass, bathtub, mirror, plastic, etc., or where the cat is often seen, If you add some water to the bottom of the sucker, it will stick to the floor longer, and the cat can play happily with this rotating toy. The toy has two circular blades designed to hold mint balls and led lights to attract cats. When the cat rotates an interactive cat toy, it will rotate smoothly. The cat will be curious about the rotation and try to stop it from spinning but will make it rotate again and repeat, which will make the cats love it. When you want to use it, pull out the piece of paper and shake it hard to shine. When you’re not playing, insert the piece of paper into the ball. There is a kneading device for hair and face in the middle of the cat toy, which is designed as a self-care aid for cats according to their living habits. It acts as a rubbing object for cats and makes them feel more comfortable when playing with the toy. What’s more, by squeezing the toothpaste on top, the cat will bite them to deeply clean their teeth, it doesn’t harm the cat’s teeth.