Cat Scrap For Cats


This is cylindrical cat scratchboard, the colour is brown, style, simple, creative, stylish and beautiful, more stable, with a cat toy.

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In terms of materials, there are synthetic plates, carpets, straw ropes, made of high-quality corrugated paper, non-polluting, in line with the modern environmental protection trend, can be recycled paper, the pillars are wrapped with natural straw, safe and not irritating, soft and more durable. In terms of design, the straw rope is entangled, the stability is good, the deformation is not easy, the delicate and delicate craftsmanship, and the comfortable claw surface. A must-have cat-catching toy that keeps your cat away from sofas, rugs and any other furniture to prevent them from damaging your furniture. Suitable for cats of all sizes, from kittens to adults, scraping toys can reduce boredom and stress and make them happy.