Catchtechik For Cats In The Form Of A Cactus


The cat scratches climbing frame is designed to meet your cat’s instinctive flexibility needs while striving to keep sharp claws away from expensive furniture.


Cat scratching board toy climbing frame, suitable for various places. It provides a soft surface for cats to sink their feet. Its inclined design allows people to stretch satisfactorily. The cat scratches climbing frame can be used as scratches and jumping platform, so the cat can rest and provide entertainment time for the cat. Its durable natural scratching surface can withstand pet bites for a long time. Leave a trace. Help protect your furniture from the cat’s claws. Cat scratching board toy sisal cactus ball cat climbing frame is made of high-quality materials and is made of safe and durable wood, enough to make cats withstand the most difficult movements, and can also make your cat use more paw rubbing. Easy to install, just assemble, each package includes all parts, you can build a beautiful playground for cats, the installation only takes a few minutes.