Cat’s Bowel Cleansing Grass


Wheatgrass stimulates blood flow and aids in feline digestion. It is most well-known as a natural hairball remedy for cats and is packed with essential vitamins. Growing cat grass for indoor cats allows furry companions to enjoy health benefits they might otherwise miss.


Wheatgrass is always 100% non-GMO and organic with exceptional germination. It’s double as both a decorative planter and a delicious treat for the special cats in your life. Handy pantry cat grass seeds are ready within 5 – 7 days of planting. They are easy to grow, require minimal watering, and thrive in a variety of temperatures and lighting. You can start feeding the wheatgrass to your pet once the grass is 4 – 5″ tall. The wheatgrass is directly planted in the included organic, eco-friendly minute soil. This compressed coconut coir growing medium expands in only minutes after adding water. It is also a safer option for outdoor pets that may turn to munch on chemically treated lawns.