Cattering Cottchik


Composed of a neat and solid natural wood frame with natural sisal ropes that would not be easily torn, helping cats’ grinding claws. The cat can grind the claws on it, grind the teeth, play tired. Give your cat a variety of angles and sizes for scratching, climbing and resting.


Cute solid wood cat ear design. Cat scratching board with suction cups easy to glue on the smooth walls, doors, windows, floors or desks. The cat can sharpen its claws and teeth on it. Minimize furniture scratches, protect your chairs, doors, beds and any other furniture. As an ornament, it can perfectly match the interior furniture. Make your home more beautiful. The preferred solid wood is safe and non-toxic. It is made of natural hemp rope is hand-wound as the bottom plate, make the scratch life longer than most other scratches. Cat scratching pads are used natural pine. All components are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your cat chewing or ingesting any parts.