Clothing For Sphinxes


Sphinxnx hairless cats do not have hair, so their skin is very sensitive and vulnerable. Kitipcoo made pet shirts especially for the Hairless, which are made of soft and anti-allergy cotton. Perfect for sphynx cat, devon rex cat, cornish rex cat and Peterbald cat. Now then your pets won’t get allergic any more.

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These basic cat shirts are handmade and well stitched. The workmanship is just like shirts made for human. Simple but well designed according to the cats’ body lines, so they perfectly fit their Body. The buttons make the coat easy to pull on and take off. Loose waist made running and jumping more easy and comfortable. A“must-have” daily costumes shirts for the hairless cat. Sphynx are always cool & cute, the cute pattern cat shirts made them cooler. This casual & fashionable basic tee shirt is easy to match for everyday wearing, sleeping pyjamas, photo-taking, party costumes, holidays, festival occasion, etc. fashionable design makes your cat distinctive and adorable. High-quality craftsmanship adorable shirt suits for Indoor outdoor wearing. This t-shirt is medium-thick, It fits to dress for four seasons. In summer, these sweat absorbing shirts is very comfortable to wear. Also, it keeps cats clean and protects them from getting hurt. In Spring and autumn, this warm coat will keep your cats warm. And in winter, wear it inside a thick winter coat will be very warm.


Size Neck Circumference Bust Height
XS 14 22 20
S 16 26 25
M 18 30 30
L 22 34 35
XL 26 38 40