Collar With A Bows And A Bell


If the cat’s neck is stuck, the breakaway buckle will be detached quickly and can be easily removed. It will not break when the cat’s feet scratch the neck in daily use, so you don’t need to concern about the quality of the belt and the safety of your pets.

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Is realized by connecting 2 elastic bands, which can move around the collar. For fur babies, sufficient space will be enough. The ringtone of the jingle bell is bright and clear, so no matter where the cat is in the house, you can track it at any time without worrying about the cat hiding. Cat collar with bells is made of soft velvet material and has integrated processing for edges, through neat sewing, it is firm and durable, your cat can wear it comfortably every day for different situations. You should remember to measure the soft cat collar with a soft measuring tape before using, and then adjust the buckle, don’t forget to leave 2 fingers between the cat collar and the cat neck.