Combenison For Cat


100% pure cotton, elastic, breathable and soft, comfortable to wear, will not irritate the wound. Anti-harassment, anti-grab and anti-bite material keeps your cat calm and have a good rest. Can be machine washed.

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The ribbed edging design is added to the collar and the hand part, and the double-layer cotton cloth design on the abdomen. The back is fixed with a nylon hook, which does not affect the cat sleeping. Portable and lightweight with adjustable elastic buckle. Fit your cat’s body easily. This cat recovery suit is a professional alternative to a cone and full body bandage. High-quality cotton material is soft, breathable and comfortable. Let your cat do anything without affecting life, such as pee and poop, daily walking, sleep, etc. Increases mobility, reduces stress, accelerates healing. More comfortable, flexible than cone and E-collar. Easy to put on and take off. Protects your cat’s wounds and skin diseases. When the cat is urinating and defecating, the owner can store the back hip material with a small nylon button, which does not affect the daily walking of the cat. The close-fitting fit brings warmth. The cat is in the owner’s arms, psychologically appease the injured cat, and plays postoperative stability. Act as an anxiety wrap and help your pet heal faster. Reduce anxiety during weaning.