Current Vontan For Cat


Waterfall design with recirculation system- In nature, pets used to drawn to the flowing freshwater. The recirculating mechanism ensures optimum oxygenation of the water. The constantly flowing water from this cat water fountain arouses the drinking desire of the pets. Water will taste better and remain cooler with the help of this cat fountain water bowl than served in a bowl, encouraging your pets to drink more.


The system of the water fountain composed of a cotton layer, coconut shell activated carbon, and an exchange resin. Such a filter system of this dog fountain provides sufficient time for ionic displacement and eliminates harmful ions, ensuring your lovely pets can enjoy the clean and refreshing water. This separated filtration system of the cat fountain that carefully divides drinking and storage areas, reduces your pets’ risk of developing an illness. No daily cleaning needed- Isn’t it painful to clean the large cat water fountain all the time? The 360-degree automatic cleaning design of this dog water fountain large ensures that all furs will be flushed away from its drinking zone, to prevent the pets from choking. There is no daily clean needed. But even if you need to, it only takes 5s to disassemble for cleaning this water fountain indoor parts.