Domestic Cat


His cat litter box is folding and assembly, convenient installation. It has a larger space when you unfold. You can carry it out for travel or store it when not in use.

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The covered cat litter box is easy to shovel and exchange cat sand. The cat litter box with tray and scoop, only need to drag the tray out to clean it. The entire cat litter toilet can be completely disassembled, making it more convenient, safer and easier to clean. One-way design, front entry and top exit, the cat couldn’t come out from the front door, but it can enter and come out from the top. Dust and odour prevention. If you can accept the design, buy it. The large cat litter box has concealed hook for the cat litter scoop. Convenient to store and use it. The large cat litter box has a lot of extra space for a cat. High-quality PS and PP materials are applied to ensure the safety of pets.