Durable Cardboard Sunbed For Cat


Corrugated cardboard is tightly embedded in the box, even if the cat scratches for a long time, it will not easily fall apart. The wide edge design prevents cardboard shreds from flying to the floor when the cat scratches it, ensuring a tidy floor. Press down on the corrugated board when using it to make it fit the box more tightly.


Concave design to cater to the scratching habits of cats, make it more comfortable to scratch. The cat’s head shape scratches match the cat well. The box is made of P resin, which protects the kitten scratching board from moisture and deformation. Put on a blanket or mat to change into a cat bed in seconds. Corrugated cardboard made of 100% recyclable cardboard and non-toxic cornstarch glue, is recyclable and durable, safe material to keep your cat’s claws healthy.