Fold Toilet For Cats


The outside cat collapsible litter box is made of durable nylon fabric, while the inside is made of waterproof EVA and reinforced with a seamless waterproof line. Hence, you can stop worrying about leaking accidents. Additionally, the tray’s sturdy construction ensures that it withstand the daily wear of small paws and claws.


Easy to clean have designed this unique foldable pet toilet to be super comfy, easy to fold and to open, and extremely versatile. In other words, you can put a mat inside and turn it into your pet’s bed, house, or favourite napping place. And ample space for small and medium-sized pets, this collapsible litter box is a must-have accessory for any pet parent. Easy to carry take the pet peppy portable cat litter box on the road. It’s very portable and cats start using it right away. It’s easy to clean and there’s plenty of room for a cat to move around freely. Collapsible litter box soft foldable waterproof portable for travel.