Folding Backpack For Cat Transportation


Suitable for small-sized animals such as cats, puppies, hamsters and rabbits. Please do not choose your pet carrier only based on weight.


Made of mesh cloth + oxford cloth, ventilation, breathable and easy to handle, provide a shelter for your little pets. In addition to being used for carrying, this pet bag can also be used as a cat bed. Your cute cat will love it. Zip up to put together a pet carrier. To restore it to folded mode, easy to carrier around. The unique porous design of the portable pet travel carrier allows air to circulate on three sides so that the pet will not feel hot in the bag and increase the pet comfort. The high-quality material ensures the durability of the bag and will not be broken or torn by the pet. Multiple ways to carry: by hand, by the shoulder, through suitcase handle. You can use it as a tote bag or shoulder bag with an adjustable strap. The Seatbelt Loops allow you to buckle your cat and its carrier into the car seat, help ensure your cat’s safety while you transport it. Perfect for transportation by car, train, plane, etc.