Funny Toy For Cat


Cats can interact with toys alone or play with the director. Toys that move back and forth and a cat ball that rotates up and down bring multiple fun, so that the cat will not damage furniture, clothes, etc.

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Interactive balance swing cat toy is made of environmental plastic, food-grade material that would secure your cat’s health. And no matter on carpet or smooth floor and you don’t worry about that the cat toy ball is being scratched or bitten by the cat. The cat can freely rock the toy forward and backwards by pushing the balance car, and the balance wheels on both sides can move forward and backwards. During the swing of the heavy object, the toy will move by itself, thus attracting the interest of the cat. These upgraded cat toys build in natural catnip, which is the favourite smell for cats. It will turn your tired kitty into excited, improve cats appetite, make your kitty happy. Licking the catnip ball can also exclude the pets gastrointestinal hairball. It decreases the cat risk of developing weight-related disorders. When your pet is healthy, they are not only happier, but it also means fewer visits to the vet, saving your time and money.