Kota Feeding Bowl


Using stainless steel and high-quality and environmentally friendly PP plastic, the high-quality stainless steel double bowl has good corrosion resistance and strong toughness. Environmentally friendly PP is non-toxic, hygienic, safer, and more suitable for pets.


Two stainless steel bowls are convenient for feeding pets at the same time, pets eat while drinking water to achieve a more balanced meal, stainless steel bowls can also be moved, easy to take out for cleaning and keep clean, suitable for long-term. Anti-skid foot pads are installed around the bottom to increase the friction with the ground, which is more stable and does not shake, reducing the chance of pets moving the dog bowl while eating. When the pet accidentally spills the object when eating, it will fall on the edge of the base. Because of this excellent design, it can prevent food from falling on the ground, and the pet will not stain the floor and prevent leakage. Eat, save food.