Lasiel And Kogtetchka For Pets


Made with handmade paper rope and felt. Perfect for your cats to scratch and sharpen their claws without damaging your own furniture.


Your cats will adore this grey cradle style cat tree activity tower with a hanging teasing toy. It combines the benefits of an outdoor tree with the safety of being indoors. This tree features 2 different plush perch styles with a top cradle perch for your cat to play or rest. Perches are supported by handmade paper rope scratching posts for your cats to dig into without having to worry about them destroying your furniture. Did you give your cat some catnip? Designed this tree with a weighted bottom base to stop the tree from tipping over during your feline’s most energetic moments. The idea of the cradle is to help keep your cat snuggled safely up top for their nap time. It’s also perfect for multiple cats playing hide and seeks. The contemporary design of this cat tree makes it the perfect addition to your home decor! Durable and sturdy, the perfect combination of shape and function.

Additional information

Weight 7250.0 kg
Dimensions 390 × 320 × 290 cm