Lucky Cat Track Turntable Ball Toy


This product is a very interesting cat toy, you can provide more fun to the cat, you can also improve cats IQ. There are 2 hollow-out toy balls and toy balls inside the product. Two high-content catnip balls and one luminous ball are placed in the hollow-out ball respectively, which can be combined at will for cats to play with.

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The top is designed with high tenacity fibre teasing pole and teasing ball. On the double track plate, the hollow toy ball and toy ball are designed to place catnip ball and light ball respectively, which can attract the attention of the cat, increase the interest of the cat to play, improve the pleasure of the cat, and also help the cat get rid of the hairballs. The design of the double track and double openwork toy ball, can better attract the attention of the cat, improve the interest of the cat’s play. The toy bottom design with heavy blocks, no matter how cats are used. The cat is gently pushing, you can sway back and forth, thereby attracting more interest in cats.