Multifunctional Cathed Polyester


Do you still find it difficult to bathe your cat? You can choose this bath cat bag, cat grooming bag for the cat, wrap the whole body of the cat, cat bath bag let her take a quick and quiet bath, comfortable and easy to wash the cat bag, prevent the pet escape from struggle or scratch bite, a variety of functions, to meet all kinds of needs so that you can safely clean the cat.

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Cat bag for bathing mesh grid design, rope contraction buckle design, can be adjusted according to the size of the pet, reference to the size of the cat can be used, simple and convenient, put it directly into the bag can take a bath, washing fabric does not absorb water, can help the pet immediately blow-dry the pet’s hair, for other small pets can also be used. Cat washing bag the material is soft and breathable, strong and durable, which is not easy to be torn by the cat. The soft net bag protects the cat’s body. The elastic belt rope is used, which is firm, which does not hurt the cat about cat bath. Cat restraint bag, this delicate tool pet bags will save you time and effort in taking care of your cat. cat shower bag It can be used for bathing, manicure, cleaning teeth and ears, feeding, therapy, pet checking, home care, car use, hiking, travel, and outdoor use.