Pillow With Feline Mint


Each toy has a cute and funny cartoon face on it. The toy is soft and thick, not easy to pilling or deformation. The toy is made of high-quality short plush material on the surface, filled with natural cotton which is harmless and chemical-free. This catnip doll has a lasting attraction to cats. It can be used for a long time.

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Helps burn extra energy off your kitten and help the cat stay fit and healthy. And they won’t scratch the furniture anymore. For those overweight or quiet cats, catnip is the best stimulant to make them more active. The toy has a strong aroma that stimulates cats to play. When you are busy and the cats may feel lonely and stressed. Catnip helps relieve the stress of cats and makes them happy. Your pet will love these catnip toys. Helps eliminate harmful plaque and tartar, promote cat oral health. This cat chew toys is resistant to biting and can be used for a long time.