Pumpkin Cat House


Delivers a pleasant and snug place for kitties to relax indoors. The plush foam walls are designed to stay warmer, providing exceptional cosiness for your feline while they unwind into a deep sleep. The enclosed hood design enhances privacy and security, appealing to cats that instinctively love wedging into small spaces while resting.

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This kitty cave provides a comforting covered space to keep fur babies happy while they slumber or play. The velvety material of this cat house provides excellent insulation and is soft to the touch, making this an ideal bed for lounging cats. In addition, this enclosed kitty bed appeals to frisky kitties that enjoy rolling playfully in small boxes or cubbyholes. The outer entrance is lined with a fur-like shape, naturally attracting cats and kittens. The exceptionally thick removable cushion liner provides pillow soft cosiness for both small kittens and adult cats to curl up in. This layer of fluffy padding delivers enhanced orthopaedic luxury and warmth, perfect for ageing cats needing joint support to comfortably rest.