Removable Toy And Cogtetchilk For Cat


Cat scratching post performs well in slowing down damages of sofas, wallpapers and cabinets by setting it at the place where they prefer to scratch. Equipped with an elastic interactive ball to attract pet’s attention, this scratch tower is a wonderful toy for them to exercise.


Cat scratches posts tree measured, the corduroy wrapped base is comfortable for kitties to have a rest. The tall pillar is in diameter that ensures a nice place for adult cats to reach high and get a good scratch at any time. The unit can easily maintain stability and protects the floor effectively. Cats scratching tower is safe and created from hard paper and solid wood, then wrapped with sisal and corduroy. This pet scratch tree is sturdy for a long time and more appealing compared with the door frame. Install such a vertical post will never be an issue for you. Detachable structure pet scratch posts are space-saving and light-weight, which is a great pet accessory for both indoor and outdoor use.