Scratch For Cats With A Toy


Scratching is a natural feline behaviour that contributes a lot to your cat’s mental and physical wellness. This scratcher post provides a dedicated place to take care of this instinctual need, allowing your cat to keep claws robust, exercise the body, and leave territorial marks. It’s also an ideal alternative to unsafe declaring.


The whole cat post is tightly wrapped with strong sisal strands, offering ample space for your frisky kitten to sink claws right in from every angle. Naturally-sourced sisal is safe to scratch and can stand up to enthusiastic use. With its vertical design, your lazy indoor child will receive a full-body stretch during every scratch. Not to mention that your kitty will feel so satisfied when the claws tear across the tempting texture of sisal fabric. Thanks to its top perch, this scratcher doubles as a comfortable lounge for your cat to take a nap or curl up with a sense of security. This small cat tower also allows your little climber to go through daily climbing practice. The two dangling pom-poms no doubt will be your cat’s favourite entertainment and stress reliever, keeping both the body and mind vigorous. When tired, your cat can sprawl on the plush-covered base platform. Carefully constructed with heavy-duty particle boards, this sturdy cat stand is here to fully support your energetic kid’s daily enjoyment. Rest easy knowing its enlarged base offers reliable stability to prevent any chances of wobbling or tipping over. The robust pillar reinforced with premium sisal will hold up well under vigorous scratching. The premium soft plush also greets your sensitive kitten with pleasant comfort and warmth.