Scratching Ball Toy For Cat


Cat scratch made of solid wood base and sisal rope ball, strong base design, so that the cat can rest assured on the free movement. It’s very strong. The solid wood material is not easily damaged and more durable and its appearance is also more exquisite.


This spinning cat catching ball different from the common style of cat scratcher, it uses a modern design, the appearance looks more exquisite is easy to attract the cat’s attention to play. Perfect for cats to play with and relax with. This cat catching ball is designed with cat-shaped hollows and a spherical shape made of hemp rope in combination with the cat’s natural love of drilling holes. At the same time satisfy the hobby of grinding claws and hiding. as a play tool unique design and save your furniture from scratching and digging. This cat grinding ball is made of wood that matches the current home style, to prevent sofas and other furniture from being scratched by cats also can be placed in various places in the room as a decoration. suitable for indoor living rooms, bedrooms.