Shovel For Cleaning For Cat

This cat litter scoop is specially designed for use with silica litter beads. Rounded edge, the smooth surface won’t tear litter box liner and poop won’t stick to the scoop.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


The cooper is made of high-quality sturdy PHP material and it is super durable and efficient in cleaning your litter box as it won’t flex or flick litter and it won’t raise any dust. The oversized holes permit the litter to sift through easily, while still retaining the debris. No matter if you are using clumping litter, pellet litter, this cleaning tool is a great choice. Comfortable and easy to hold and keep your hand out of the soiled litter. The scoop also has a functional hook, just hang it on the litter box, enjoy the faster and most convenient cleaning.