Solid Tray For Cats


It will be the only litter box you will ever need or buy. Ergonomic design as rounded the edges so there are no sharp sides. Some brown residue is normal on the stainless pan as the result of bending the machine for fully rounded edges for their safety.

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Plastic litter boxes unpleasantly odour in your home and get stained after few uses which may be harmful to your cat. Stainless steel litter box never collects any residue, odour and it’s completely rust free. High providing the extra litter scatter protection. Many cats prefer an open litter box since it’s easy for them to access but they will love it. There are two holes on the pan’s edge. This is for a custom holder that will be released soon. Sometimes it is painful to clean and wash litter boxes but this nonstick coated litter box doesn’t resist and build any residue which can go away in one wash only.