Toothbrush For Cats


The cat toothbrush kit is made from top-grade and soft silicone material. More than 20,000 bristles on the toothbrush ensure effective cleaning and soft enough so that your pet’s teeth are cleaned with no harm.

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For first-time to brush, start out by putting cat toothpaste on your finger, and rubbing the cat’s gum line and teeth. When your pet is comfortable, use a cat toothbrush or cat finger toothbrush to brush. The long toothbrush will enable you to reach all the way behind your pets back teeth to make sure they are super clean and healthy. Finger brush scientifically designed to have a curved profile to clean those hard-to-reach spots and to adapt to the different gum area. This carefully designed cat toothbrush set will help your pet significantly improve dental health and reduce teeth problems. Start by brushing a few teeth at a time, then slowly add a couple more each day. It is better to use the finger toothbrush at first, let your pet slowly adapt it. Even 30 seconds of brushing teeth are better than not brushing at all.