Toy Ball For Cat Claws


The three-dimensional climbing frame is designed to meet your cat’s instinctive scraping needs while striving to keep sharp claws away from expensive furniture.

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The three-dimensional climbing frame design is suitable for various places. It provides a soft surface for cats to sink their feet. Its inclined design allows people to stretch satisfactorily. The three-dimensional sisal cat scratching ball solid wood cat crawling frame can be used as a cat litter or scratcher, allowing the cat to rest and providing hours of entertainment and entertainment for the cat. Its durable natural scratching surface can withstand pet bites for a long time. Leave a trace. Help protect your furniture from the cat’s claws. Cat climbing frame is made of high-quality materials and made of safe and durable wood, which is enough to make cats withstand the most difficult movements, and can also make your cat use more paw rubbing.