Wall Panel For Cat Claws


The cat scratching post was made with durable natural sisal and sofa fabric. Proven to help keep your cats healthy by replenishing their claws, prevent related problems. Is made of durable non-toxic natural sisal with a pure plant smell that will catch your cat in no time. The plant fibre greatly retains its primal toughness, long-lasting service for the cat to scratch, climb, jump, play.


Helps to replenish cats claws and keep cat’s claws trimmed. Well-maintained keeps cats busy and entertained. Protect your walls, door frames or other vertical furniture and save money by offering your cats a better alternative to dig their claws in. The minimal and space-saving solution to your cats’ scratching needs. Two strong natural sisal covered boards linked keeps cats away from furniture, curtains, wallpaper etc. Scratch post is space-saving that you can install cat post wall on any smooth or non-smooth surface such as on the wall, door or the side of the window, changing those places into your pet activity paradise. Built for mobility that you can easily move this post to anywhere you want, the only thing is taking off screws. Hang on a door or lay flat on the ground. Keeps cats busy and entertained. Your kitty will love it.