Warm Cat Litter


Features an orthopaedic memory foam chip that provides pain-relief comfort and helps relieve muscle and joint pressure, aches, and discomfort. perfect for pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other ailments. a high padded wall offers great head and bone support. your pet will enjoy an awesome night’s sleep in this cosy bed.

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Designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, the bed is made with ultra-soft plush. The wraparound design contours to your pet’s body and provides warmth, comfort, and support. these features will help reduce anxiety in your pet by giving it a safe, comfortable place to cuddle upon. Beds are made with temperature-sensitive material that adjusts to your pet’s body heat-as their body temperature increases, the bed will retain and radiate the heat to provide additional warmth and comfort. The bed’s quality construction, durable linen, and high-density memory foam ensure this bed will last over time. designed with your pet’s safety in mind, only use non-toxic high-quality fabrics and materials that are safe for your four-legged friends.